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Safety Checks

When was the last time you inspected every aspect of your car and equipment? With our multi point inspections we completely check over your entire car to make sure not only will you drive safely but you will have optimal performance from your vehicle.

Engine / Transmission

From a checkup to an inspection, we can supply expertise recommendations and services to rebuild or exchange tired components.


From OE to performance oriented parts we sell and install anything you need. Wheel and tire, repair, upgrades and more...

Looking for out of the box thinking?

You have come to the right place. With over 40 years combined of experience we know what it takes. Decades of secret little tips and tricks to get the edge over the competition. Certified welders in house.


MIG, TIG, Arc welding. Stainless / Mild steel, schedule piping, Aluminum and more. We can fix anything.

Is it time for tires?

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Overall jack of all trades, master of some. Computers, 3d design, electrical schematics, mechanic and racer at heart. Striving to think outside the box and innovate.


Drag/Road racing specialist. From domestic to imports knows his way around mechanical inner workings of power plants and drive-trains.


Welder and fabricator. Apprentice Technician, specializing in custom metal fabrication.

Our pricing

Diagnosis and Inspection


  • Diagnostic fees
  • Inspection fees
  • Deducted from work or repair bill.
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Fluid Film

$100/starting at

  • 2/4 door vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Wagons/vans/trailers and more
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  • Exhaust work
  • Metal Fabrication
  • 3D design for CNC
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Road trip checks

$150/starting at

  • Safety checks
  • Fluid checks/flushes
  • Full prep packages
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Fluid Film Protection

The Midwest is harsh on vehicles. We offer a full protection from chemicals, salt and road grime for your vehicles frame and under carriage. From a basic coverage or re-application to a multi point inspection and full coating service inside and out of your frame. Fluid film is a non-toxic, non hazardous, biodegradable, non drying, metal penetration coating to protect your vehicle from corrosion. It is also safe on paint, so do not worry it is not caustic causing damage, and overspray wipes right off unlike traditional black rubber coatings.


Bumper to Bumper protection

$100*/starting at

Recommended for the follow up/annual treatments. Services include: Complete undercarriage coating, unibody and easy access surfaces of main structures, battery terminals coated, inner fenders sprayed, as well as door/hood hinges and latches. This is a great package to keep your protection up to par each fall.
*Black coating available for an additional cost.
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